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Hi Livejournal, it's certainly been a long time between posts.

I got itchy feet again, and quit my job at Evolution. At time of writing, I'm deadshit broke and will start getting calls from people wanting money etc, so I've decided I'm going to jump back in the game of hospitality for some cash.

For my birthday I bought a car. I'm now selling it to pay off my credit card debts and go to England. From there, I'll keep paying off my loan but I'll be earning british pounds so it won't be as harsh. I've even looked at how much it will cost to transfer money to Australia.. only 7 pounds.

I'm hoping to be heading to England on August 11. It's just a date that is sticking out to me - I wanna go on that date. I just hope I can sell the car and get my passport and visa etc. before the date. At this stage it isn't looking very likely.

How are you all?

I went to Sydney this weekend to see Steve and meet my bosses at evolution.

Was pretty fucking rad.

I can't be bothered with LJ anymore.
It's 41 degrees today. I wasn't looking forward to work today because I was up late last night watching Double Jeopardy which was on TV, what an awesomeeeeeee film.

Anyway, I went to work this morning and worked solid! Made lots of calls and sold a quarter page advert. Then, the internet melted. Yes, melted. We couldn't email or do any of our work, since its all based online.

So, we went to the pub next door. We sat outside under shade and drank a bottle of sav blanc and had a bit of a chinwag. After we'd downed the bottle, we went back to the office to try and fix the internet.

We tried and failed.

And then, just before 4pm, the power went out. Scott, the editor, said "Well, there's not much we can do now! Lets go home!"

So we got an early minute. God bless Summer. Fucking love it.

Dec. 1st, 2008

God I was so upset yesterday at picnic, and I'm never a sad drunk. I had a look on Wikipedia and according to that, theres some sort of correlation between depression and cannabis use. I'm going to test this theory and throw away my pot and see how we go. Fingers crossed, oh PS its world aids day. *red ribbon*

Nov. 29th, 2008

I'm increasingly getting sadder and sadder. I want this year to be over and I want to start again, but I'll be starting off with very little money. It's yet another depressing cycle.

Nov. 11th, 2008

I'm sitting at my desk at work and I've just received some marketing crap from a winery. It looks to be some sort of quarterly or half yearly summary of the activity of the winery. It starts up by saying:

'Often, a year is remembered through a handful of tragic events that commentators feel shaped our psyche or, when dramatic, caused us to lose our innocence.'

This could not be any more truthful when applied to 2008 & I. I feel as if I really grew up a lot this year, lost some innocence, learnt some harsh lessons about my relationships. Lovers, friends, relatives. Strangers. Customers.

Looking back through my livejournal and remembering what else has happened that I haven't written about, makes me want to forget the year.

Jake, Troy, Kimberley, Erin, Gede, Alex, Jarrad. All of these people have pissed me off because they've done something to cause me significant pain and attributed some negative aspects into every area of my life... namely: love, family, home, friends and work.

So, I continue reading the winery marketing mail out on my desk, relating it to my own plans for next year being better and brighter. Its gonna be about change.

'But life in the wine industry is more than the pursuit of financial rewards: it is the rewards of being closer to nature and the change of seasons; the friendships built and the sharing of your passion; it is feasting for your senses and bringing joy to others. It is more than just a drink.'.

Too damn right. I'm writing every Monday from now on.

I'm furious! Just got out of bed and lo and behold, they've fucking gone to the hospital without me! So I'm quite cross and getting ready to go to work, because I don't have the time to fuck around at home

Oct. 21st, 2008

I don't know what happened, but all these men are literally throwing themselves at me at the moment.

It's rad!

Oct. 11th, 2008

The dude who sexually abused my bro when he was a little kid had his house burn down this week. Karma is fantastic. The news article. His home insurance ran out on Sept. 15th too. He's got no money, no job, nothing. :)

Sep. 19th, 2008

This post is absolutely fucking insane!